About us and our new blog!

Hi readers! We are excited to have you here!

For our first blog post we want to give you a little background about ourselves and why we are doing this. To start let us talk about our amazing owner and pharmacist, Ryan Chan. His unique approach to pharmacy is simple and practical. Just be “REAL”.  He is friendly, easy to approach, and competent. Ultimately, he will look after you. Ryan graduated from the University of Manitoba with his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. A few years out of pharmacy school he had the opportunity to open his first pharmacy, Greencrest Pharmacy, which is still located at B-2750 Pembina Hwy. He can still be seen there staffing the pharmacy on some Saturdays! After getting lots of experience managing and operating Greencrest he decided to come to the Historic Exchange District to open our lovely Exchange District Pharmacy! We have only been open for a few years downtown, but we are enjoying getting to know all the other locally owned stores around us and meeting all of our local patients.

Along with Ryan you can also see our amazing pharmacy technician Debra. Debra has lots of community experience as well as over 12 years in pharmacy education both as an instructor and as a faculty head overseeing CAAHE programs. In February of 2009 Debra was appointed to CAPT’s National Board of Directors and held the position of Director of Internal Affairs until May 2013.  She also held a seat on Council for the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba for a 2 year term. She is very active in her community and volunteers with numerous local events and school advisory committees. We are very lucky to have Deb at our pharmacy! She loves working with patients and finding new and exciting activities for outreach opportunities in the community.

Ryan and Deb are the Exchange District Pharmacy Duo that you can see anytime you pop your head into our pharmacy. With our small staff we are able to get to know all of patients well and give a family feel to your pharmacy experience.

The reason we decided to start this blog is to bring your pharmacy questions straight to your phone, tablet, computer or wherever you’re reading this. We want to offer pharmacy knowledge straight to you to help educate you and empower you as a patient. We will be posting information about new therapies as well as important health information to keep you living your best life!

If you have any blog post suggestions, please comment below and we will make sure to add it to our list of topics!

Happy blogging!


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